Northumberland Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment : Site Assessment

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270W of Acklington Village HallW of Acklington Village HallAcklington
287The Paddock, Field House FarmThe Paddock, Field House FarmAcklington
288N of St Omer RoadN of St Omer RoadAcklington
289N of Churchill WayN of Churchill WayAcklington
290N St Omer Road SubstationN St Omer Road SubstationAcklington
291S of Churchill WayS of Churchill WayAcklington
319Farm Steading, Hazon HouseFarm Steading, Hazon HouseAcklington
427East of Acklington C of E first schoolEast of Acklington C of E first schoolAcklington
321Farm Steading, PennylawsFarm Steading, PennylawsAlnham
363Beech House, Northumberland StreetBeech House, Northumberland Street, AlnmouthAlnmouth
39011 Marine Road, Boskena11 Marine Road, BoskenaAlnmouth
23North-East of Alnmouth Boys ClubNorth-East of Alnmouth Boys ClubAlnmouth
24West of the Friary of St. FrancisWest of the Friary of St. FrancisAlnmouth
167NE of Thornhill, Alnmouth RoadNE of Thornhill, Alnmouth RoadAlnwick
17Land West of BarresdaleLand West of BarresdaleAlnwick
18Land South West of Swanfield ParkLand South West of Swanfield ParkAlnwick
21Land North of Alnwick Castle WayLand North of Alnwick Castle WayAlnwick
34Land West to the KennelsLand West to the KennelsAlnwick
35Land NW of St Michael's ChurchLand NW of St Michael's ChurchAlnwick
36Land SE of St John's First SchoolLand SE of St John's First SchoolAlnwick
37Land SW of St John's First School (Willoughby's Bank)Land SW of St John's First School (Willoughby's Bank)Alnwick
38Land East of Allerburn LeaLand East of Allerburn LeaAlnwick
40Land South of Rugby GroundLand South of Rugby GroundAlnwick
54South of RavensmountSouth of RavensmountAlnwick
38826/28 Green Batt26/28 Green BattAlnwick
389Adjacent 39 Royal Oak gardensAdjacent 39 Royal Oak gardensAlnwick
381Outbuildings at Lemmington HallOutbuildings at Lemmington Hall, AlnwickAlnwick
382St Johns Roman Catholic School, Lisburn TerraceSt Johns Roman Catholic School, Lisburn TerraceAlnwick
383Swansfield Stable Cottage, off Clayport BankSwansfield Stable Cottage, off Clayport BankAlnwick
384Thomas Percy RC Middle School, Blakelaw RoadThomas Percy RC Middle School, Blakelaw RoadAlnwick
370Former Castle Service Station, 26 Bondgate WithoutFormer Castle Service Station, 26 Bondgate WithoutAlnwick
408Dickinsons Furniture Shop 39-41 Fenkle StreetDickinsons Furniture Shop 39-41 Fenkle StreetAlnwick
413Land East of Ravensmount Residential Home, Alnmouth RoadLand East of Ravensmount Residential Home, Alnmouth RoadAlnwick
419The Fleece Inn 49 Bondgate WithoutThe Fleece Inn 49 Bondgate WithoutAlnwick
421Old Post Office, Clayport RoadClayport RoadAlnwick
323Park View (Windsor Park)Park View (Windsor Park)Alnwick
324The Maltings & Bolam MillThe Maltings & Bolam MillAlnwick
346Bus Depot, Lisburn TerraceBus Depot, Lisburn TerraceAlnwick
34726 Bondgate Without (13)Alnwick
348W of Lagny StreetAlnwick
349Former AMC Ford, Stonewell LaneAlnwick
355The Old VicarageThe Old VicarageAlnwick
318Land off St James ParkLand off St James ParkAlnwick
220Willis Garage, South RoadWillis Garage, South RoadAlnwick
260Alnwick Fire StationAlnwick Fire StationAlnwick
281Tennis Courts, Prudhoe StreetTennis Courts, Prudhoe StreetAlnwick
282Dukes Middle SchoolDukes Middle SchoolAlnwick
269West of Weavers WayWest of Weavers WayAlnwick
284Greensfield Farm, S of FairfieldGreensfield Farm, S of FairfieldAlnwick
285Corn Exchange, St Michaels SquareCorn Exchange, St Michaels SquareAlnwick
286Roxbro PlaceRoxbro PlaceAlnwick
222E of Weavers WayE of Weavers WayAlnwick
223St Georges Crescent AllotmentsSt Georges Crescent AllotmentsAlnwick
224Garages E of Cornhill EstateGarages E of Cornhill EstateAlnwick
225Garages NE of Cornhill EstateGarages NE of Cornhill EstateAlnwick
226Pottergate & Bowburn CottagesPottergate & Bowburn CottagesAlnwick
227Roxburgh Place car parkRoxburgh Place car parkAlnwick
228Windsor GardensWindsor GardensAlnwick
229St Thomas Close WorkshopsSt Thomas Close WorkshopsAlnwick
230Allerburn House, Denwick LaneAllerburn House, Denwick LaneAlnwick
231W of Chapel LandsW of Chapel LandsAlnwick
233W of Bluebell Inn, Albert StreetW of Bluebell Inn, Albert StreetAmble
234Station Cottages, off Dilston TerraceStation Cottages, off Dilston TerraceAmble
235N of 1 Lawson StreetN of 1 Lawson StreetAmble
236N of Hallbank LaneN of Hallbank LaneAmble
239S of Lindisfarne Cottage, adj A1068S of Lindisfarne Cottage, adj A1068Amble
240Kennedy Road GaragesKennedy Road GaragesAmble
241St Lawrence Avenue GaragesSt Lawrence Avenue GaragesAmble
242Holywell Crescent GaragesHolywell Crescent GaragesAmble
243Adj 3 Greensfield TerraceAdj 3 Greensfield TerraceAmble
244The Drill Hall, Scott StreetThe Drill Hall, Scott StreetAmble
245Land at WestfieldLand at WestfieldAmble
246Adj 15-17 Turner StreetAdj 15-17 Turner StreetAmble
261Amble Fire StationAmble Fire StationAmble
258The GutThe GutAmble
266The Coal Yard & Gas Works, The WyndThe Coal Yard & Gas Works, The WyndAmble
2672-3 West Drive2-3 West DriveAmble
268Link End FarmLink End FarmAmble
357Cliff Cottage, Bay ViewCliff Cottage, Bay ViewAmble
350W of A1068 & S of Marks BridgeAmble
351Amble Boat Yd & adj land SW of Coquet StreetAmble
325Rear of Kiln Bank, adj Victoria PalaceRear of Kiln Bank, adj Victoria PalaceAmble
22Land NW of Hauxley Moorhouse FarmLand NW of Hauxley Moorhouse FarmAmble
1South-East of Coquet High SchoolSouth-East of Coquet High SchoolAmble
2Adjacent Southmead, Coquet Industrial EstateAdjacent Southmead, Coquet Industrial EstateAmble
3Adjacent Southmead, Coquet Industrial EstateAdjacent Southmead, Coquet Industrial EstateAmble
4Adjacent Southmead, Coquet Industrial EstateAdjacent Southmead, Coquet Industrial EstateAmble
6Adj E entrance, Coquet Industrial EstateAdj E entrance, Coquet Industrial EstateAmble
7Adj E entrance, Coquet Industrial EstateAdj E entrance, Coquet Industrial EstateAmble
8Adj E entrance, Coquet Industrial EstateAdj E entrance, Coquet Industrial EstateAmble
9Field roundabout to sewage works Coquet Ind.Est.Field roundabout to sewage works Coquet Ind.Est.Amble
10Adj PEC Furniture, Coquet Ind.Est.Adj PEC Furniture, Coquet Ind.Est.Amble
11Opposite Marks Bridge, Coquet Industrial EstateOpposite Marks Bridge, Coquet Industrial EstateAmble
12Rear 1-40 Lindisfarne Road, Coquet Ind.Est.Rear 1-40 Lindisfarne Road, Coquet Ind.Est.Amble
13Land at Gloster Hill Farm - Site 2Land at Gloster Hill Farm - Site 2Amble
14Land at Gloster Hill Farm - Site 1Land at Gloster Hill Farm - Site 1Amble
15Field East of former bypass proposalField East of former bypass proposalAmble
199Land off Middleton StreetLand off Middleton StreetAmble
144Land at Dandsfield SquareLand at Dandsfield SquareAmble
145Land at the Gut North of Queen StreetLand at the Gut North of Queen StreetAmble
146Land S of Dandsfield SquareLand S of Dandsfield SquareAmble
147The HarbourThe HarbourAmble
329Greenrigg KennelsGreenrigg KennelsBilton
392Doxford Stable Yard, Doxford HallDoxford Stable Yard, Doxford HallChathill
203West FallodonWest FallodonChathill
164SW of Springfield ViewSW of Springfield ViewChriston Bank
123SW of MountviewSW of MountviewChriston Bank
124NW of ChurchNW of ChurchChriston Bank
125North of EastfieldNorth of EastfieldChriston Bank
126East of TreborEast of TreborChriston Bank
55North of Station HouseNorth of Station HouseChriston Bank
332Springfield ViewSpringfield ViewChriston Bank
333Horseley GrangeHorseley GrangeChriston Bank
356N of new bungalowN of new bungalowChriston Bank
293N section of Field S of SpringfieldN section of Field S of SpringfieldChriston Bank
294S section of Field S of SpringfieldS section of Field S of SpringfieldChriston Bank
205Chapel FieldChapel FieldChriston Bank
206Land NE of EastfieldLand NE of EastfieldChriston Bank
292Former nursery & 21 Whin HillFormer nursery & 21 Whin HillCraster
56NW of Coastguard StationNW of Coastguard StationCraster
57West of NurseryWest of NurseryCraster
58West of Craster Methodist ChurchWest of Craster Methodist ChurchCraster
201West of CrasterW of CrasterCraster
60South of "Annbry" houseSouth of "Annbry" houseDunstan
61South of Dunstan HallSouth of Dunstan HallDunstan
296Eglingham GlebeEglingham GlebeEglingham
62West of Eglingham TerraceWest of Eglingham TerraceEglingham
63Buildings at CockhallBuildings at CockhallEglingham
65West of WalkmillWest of WalkmillEglingham
66East of the Church of St. MauriceEast of the Church of St. MauriceEglingham
67South of War MemorialSouth of War MemorialEglingham
188Field North of Ferny LeaField North of Ferny LeaEglingham
189Field North of Eglingham TerraceField North of Eglingham TerraceEglingham
190Field South of Eglingham TerraceField South of Eglingham TerraceEglingham
191Craigs HouseCraigs HouseEglingham
148N of Holy Trinity ChurchN of Holy Trinity ChurchEmbleton
150West of Station Road Bangla to Hart HopeW of Station Road Bangla to Hart HopeEmbleton
151S of Embleton Tower and N of B1339S of Embleton Tower and N of B1339Embleton
152S and W of playing field and BraesideS and W of playing field and BraesideEmbleton
153NE of Dunstanburgh CottageNE of Dunstanburgh CottageEmbleton
119SE of FieldholmeSE of FieldholmeEmbleton
122East of FieldholmeEast of FieldholmeEmbleton
59Farm buildings at Dunstan SteadsFarm buildings at Dunstan SteadsEmbleton
297E of Garden House to White RiggE of Garden House to White RiggEmbleton
298Adjacent The VillasAdjacent The VillasEmbleton
362The Sportsman Inn, Sea LaneThe Sportsman Inn, Sea Lane, EmbletonEmbleton
365Roughlees FarmRoughlees Farm, EwesleyEwesley
397Low CloseLow CloseFelton
299S of Mouldshaugh LaneS of Mouldshaugh LaneFelton
247W of 31 Park ViewW of 31 Park ViewFelton
248S of 22 Park ViewS of 22 Park ViewFelton
249Barns Road GaragesBarns Road GaragesFelton
42NE of the CemeteryNE of the CemeteryFelton
149North of Coquet ValeNorth of Coquet ValeFelton
127East of Stable CottagesEast of Stable CottagesFelton
128East of Felton C of E Controlled First SchoolEast of Felton C of E Controlled First SchoolFelton
193Land W of Dene CloseLand W of Dene CloseFelton
194Land W of Park ViewLand W of Park ViewFelton
158Adjacent 62 Main StreetAdjacent 62 Main StreetFelton
177Land East of Alndale HallLand East of Alndale HallGlanton
129SW of Birling HouseSW of Birling HouseGlanton
130North of Old SchoolNorth of Old SchoolGlanton
131South of Old SchoolSouth of Old SchoolGlanton
132East of Whickham HouseEast of Whickham HouseGlanton
133West of Heather CottageWest of Heather CottageGlanton
377Holly House, The LanesHolly House, The Lanes, GlantonGlanton
406Builders Yard Garden TerraceBuilders Yard Garden TerraceGlanton
300N of Woodbine CottageN of Woodbine CottageGuyzance
376Cottage, Wilkinson ParkCottage, Wilkinson Park, HarbottleHarbottle
364Land adjacent to The PeelsLand adjacent to The Peels, HarbottleHarbottle
135East of The OrchardEast of The OrchardHigh Hauxley
160NW of High Hauxley & S of New Park Caravan SiteNW of High Hauxley & S of New Park Caravan SiteHigh Hauxley
46NW of Hipsburn County First schoolNW of Hipsburn County First schoolHipsburn
273Curly LaneCurly LaneHipsburn
274S of Bilton & W of Hipsburn StationS of Bilton & W of Hipsburn StationHipsburn
250Rear of Station CottagesRear of Station CottagesHipsburn
207S of SeahousesS of SeahousesHowick
208NW of RedsteadsNW of RedsteadsHowick
209Hemmel House, Red SteadHemmel House, Red SteadHowick
210W of Smithy Cottage, RedsteadsW of Smithy Cottage, RedsteadsHowick
212N of Peep O' SeaN of Peep O' SeaHowick
213S of Pasture HouseS of Pasture HouseHowick
214W of Little Mill FarmW of Little Mill FarmHowick
215N of LittlehoughtonN of LittlehoughtonHowick
216SW of SchoolhouseSW of SchoolhouseHowick
217N of East HouseN of East HouseHowick
45West of Dukes RydeWest of Dukes RydeLesbury
142NW of St Mary's ChurchNW of St Mary's ChurchLesbury
426Lesbury TownfootLesbury TownfootLesbury
200Land N of Embleton HallLand N of Embleton HallLongframlington
185The Old VicarageThe Old VicarageLongframlington
154N of Embleton Hall a)N of Embleton Hall a)Longframlington
155Land to rear of Longacre HouseLand to rear of Longacre HouseLongframlington
68Land North of Moorside, Farm ParkLand North of Moorside, Farm ParkLongframlington
70East of Roseworth CottageEast of Roseworth CottageLongframlington
221Adj to 16 Cheviot LodgeAdj to 16 Cheviot LodgeLongframlington
256Cherryhope GaragesCherryhope GaragesLongframlington
301W of Harecross ParkW of Harecross ParkLongframlington
302SE of High Town FarmSE of High Town FarmLongframlington
303SE of High Town FarmSE of High Town FarmLongframlington
304S of Hillrise LaneS of Hillrise LaneLongframlington
305Rear Granby InnRear Granby InnLongframlington
378Land SE of West House, Rothbury RoadLand SE of West House, Rothbury RoadLongframlington
380Outbuilding N of Embleton Hall Hotel, Front StreetOutbuilding N of Embleton Hall Hotel, Front StreetLongframlington
415S of West HouseS of West HouseLongframlington
353High Town FarmLongframlington
279Playing fieldsPlaying fieldsLonghoughton
255Opposite Burnside Public HouseOpposite Burnside Public HouseLonghoughton
44W of BurnsideW of BurnsideLonghoughton
181Goods YardGoods YardLonghoughton
163NW of Low Hauxley and S of Hauxley LaneNW of Low Hauxley and S of Hauxley LaneLow Hauxley
72West of WhitridgeWest of WhitridgeNetherton
73NE of the FarmhouseNE of the FarmhouseNetherton
74SE of Heron CloseSE of Heron CloseNetherton
257W of CherrywellW of CherrywellNetherton
186Ritton White House FarmRitton White House FarmNetherwitton
204E of Brunton CottagesE of Brunton CottagesNewton by the Sea
86NW of Joiner's ArmsNW of Joiner's ArmsNewton by the Sea
90NW of Coastguard CottagesNW of Coastguard CottagesNewton by the Sea
91NW of Link House FarmNW of Link House FarmNewton by the Sea
2115-6 Brunton Cottages5-6 Brunton CottagesNewton by the Sea
428Adj to The Croft, Croft PlaceAdj to The Croft, Croft PlaceNewton by the Sea
75South of FairlawnsSouth of FairlawnsNewton on the Moor
76South of SkylineSouth of SkylineNewton on the Moor
168Land S of Hudsons CroftLand S of Hudsons CroftNewton on the Moor
82South of The Old SchoolSouth of The Old SchoolNewton on the Moor
80East of the Old QuarryEast of the Old QuarryNewton on the Moor
106NE of Routing BurnNE of Routing BurnNewtown
371Stables at Nunnykirk HallStables at Nunnykirk Hall, NunnykirkNunnykirk
251Adj Crawley ViewAdj Crawley ViewPowburn
136NW of Greenfield CottageNW of Greenfield CottagePowburn
137North of Branton ManseNorth of Branton MansePowburn
139East of Coquet CottageEast of Coquet CottagePowburn
140North of Football GroundNorth of Football GroundPowburn
141SE of South Hedgeley CottagesSE of South Hedgeley CottagesPowburn
48NW of the Old SchoolNW of the Old SchoolRennington
307Castle BackCastle BackRennington
391Church Road to The GreenChurch Road to The GreenRennington
400Rock Farms LtdRock Farms LtdRock
395Whitegables Hillside West RothburyWhitegables Hillside West RothburyRothbury
316Garden of Birch HillGarden of Birch HillRothbury
361Rothbury Fire Station, Croft RoadCroft RoadRothbury
283North of Whitton ViewN of Whitton ViewRothbury
263N of Silverton TerraceN of Silverton TerraceRothbury
25212-13 The Pinfold12-13 The PinfoldRothbury
26North of Knocklaw CottageNorth of Knocklaw CottageRothbury
28North of Jubilee Cottage (Mart Field)North of Jubilee Cottage (Mart Field)Rothbury
31Rothbury County First SchoolRothbury County First SchoolRothbury
32Adj Providence LaneAdj Providence LaneRothbury
33Whitton ViewWhitton ViewRothbury
92SW of Anton's LetchSW of Anton's LetchRothbury
94East of MusandumEast of MusandumRothbury
95North of MusandumNorth of MusandumRothbury
96West of HalleydownWest of HalleydownRothbury
97NE of Knocklaw CottagesNE of Knocklaw CottagesRothbury
98SW of MalinSW of MalinRothbury
99Land around the Auction MartLand around the Auction MartRothbury
69North East Ballachan HouseNorth East Ballachan HouseRothbury
195Land SE of Model BuildingsLand SE of Model BuildingsRothbury
308E of Rothley Crag CottagesE of Rothley Crag CottagesRothley
396Land NE of Rothley FarmLand NE of Rothley FarmRothley
420Unit 2, 3 and 4 Rothley FarmUnit 2, 3 and 4 Rothley FarmRothley
157Burnside CottageBurnside CottageSharperton
170Farriers Arms PHFarriers Arms PHShilbottle
25South of ShilbottleSouth of ShilbottleShilbottle
100East of Haven MeadowsEast of Haven MeadowsShilbottle
253Rear of Lee AvenueRear of Lee AvenueShilbottle
232E of 3-4 Fairfield ViewE of 3-4 Fairfield ViewShilbottle
275Opposite South Charlton Village HallOpposite South Charlton Village HallSouth Charlton
49NE of St James's ChurchNE of St James's ChurchSouth Charlton
202North of South CharltonN of South CharltonSouth Charlton
196N of 6 Kenmore RoadN of 6 Kenmore RoadSwarland
19220 Park Road20 Park RoadSwarland
175Ferny BankFerny BankSwarland
183S of 6 Kenmore RoadS of 6 Kenmore RoadSwarland
18018 Park Road18 Park RoadSwarland
159Adjacent to 5 Percy DriveAdjacent to 5 Percy DriveSwarland
81West of LislewoodWest of LislewoodSwarland
83East of the Golf CourseEast of the Golf CourseSwarland
772 Kenmore Road2 Kenmore RoadSwarland
79West of the LarchesWest of the LarchesSwarland
425Rear of Studley DriveRear of Studley DriveSwarland
399Rear and side of 4 Kenmore RoadRear and side of 4 Kenmore RoadSwarland
403Adjacent and West of 2 Studley DriveAdjacent and West of 2 Studley DriveSwarland
404Adjacent to 2 Nelson DriveAdjacent to 2 Nelson DriveSwarland
405Adjacent and east of 2 Studley DriveAdjacent and east of 2 Studley DriveSwarland
3421-4 Admiral Close1-4 Admiral CloseSwarland
311Field NU0202-6858 N of Wreighburn FieldsField NU0202-6858 N of Wreighburn FieldsThropton
312Field NU0202-4857 W of Wreighburn FieldsField NU0202-4857 W of Wreighburn FieldsThropton
313Field NU0202-2941 W of Thropton DemesneField NU0202-2941 W of Thropton DemesneThropton
315Garden of West NeukGarden of West NeukThropton
354East of Monks Path, Physic LaneThropton
219E of All Saints RC ChurchE of All Saints RC ChurchThropton
103West of Whin HillWest of Whin HillThropton
187Field behind AlwillHo, Cobble Ho & IngledeneField behind AlwillHo, Cobble Ho & IngledeneThropton
429Thropton 4 x 4 CentreThropton 4 x 4 CentreThropton
156North of TogstonNorth of TogstonTogston
104NE of the Sewage Works (duplicates A162)NE of the Sewage Works (duplicates A162)Togston
105North of Togston CourtNorth of Togston CourtTogston
310Land at Togston Road E of Guyzance AvenueLand at Togston Road E of Guyzance AvenueTogston
276S of Station RoadS of Station RoadWarkworth
277E of A1068 at BirlingE of A1068 at BirlingWarkworth
278N of Maudlin FarmN of Maudlin FarmWarkworth
2593 Guilden Road3 Guilden RoadWarkworth
264S of Magdalene HouseS of Magdalene HouseWarkworth
265W of Magdalene HouseW of Magdalene HouseWarkworth
254S of New Barns Court, New Barns WayS of New Barns Court, New Barns WayWarkworth
345Builder Yard, Morwick RoadBuilder Yard, Morwick RoadWarkworth
412Land adjacent to48 Morwick RdLand adjacent to48 Morwick RdWarkworth
38617 Castle Street17 Castle StreetWarkworth
107East of Heather LeazesEast of Heather LeazesWarkworth
109West of CemeteryWest of CemeteryWarkworth
111West of Heather LeazesWest of Heather LeazesWarkworth
52East of Hermitage FarmEast of Hermitage FarmWarkworth
53South of Old BarnsSouth of Old BarnsWarkworth
197The Boat Yard, WellfieldThe Boat Yard, WellfieldWarkworth
169Warkworth StationWarkworth StationWarkworth
198Treetops, Callaly RoadTreetops, Callaly RoadWhittingham
112South of Village Farm CottageSouth of Village Farm CottageWhittingham
113South of Village Farm Cottage b)South of Village Farm Cottage b)Whittingham
114East of Whittingham C of E First SchoolEast of Whittingham C of E First SchoolWhittingham
115East of Bridge of Aln HotelEast of Bridge of Aln HotelWhittingham
116SW of Castle InnSW of Castle InnWhittingham
117South of Village Farm Cottage c)South of Village Farm Cottage c)Whittingham
118West of TreetopsWest of TreetopsWhittingham
402Yellington East, Prospect Terrace, Yellington FarmYellington East, Prospect Terrace, Yellington FarmYellington